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Christopher R. Smit is dedicated to teaching his students the basics of curious and compelling relationships between art, media and the body. He is the author of several well-known, interesting and informative publications and books. Written by Christopher R. Smit, these are the collections of essays about the contrasting relations between disability issues reflected in cinematography. By focusing the attention of people on these aspects as well as on art, new media, pop culture and cultural spectacle, Christopher tries his best effort to teach people to become more patient and think about other people, who surround them.  The most popular publications of the writer are as follows:

Screening Disability

The book was written in English in collaboration with Anthony Enns in 2001. This is the collection of essays on the connection between disability and its reflection in the world of cinema. The author pointed out that the depiction and portrayal of disabled people in movies initially caused different emotions in people watching those movies and this portrayal was not always correct. As time went by, the attitude of people changed a bit, but disabled individuals have always remained in the focus of human attention as the objects of cultural fascination. This attitude is frequently reflected in  movies as one of the most influential means of arts popular with people of all ages. Sometimes, being affected by cinema, the attitude towards such people becomes distorted and does not have any relation to the generally accepted notion of humanity. The book written by Christopher Smit does not only provide a unified picture of correlation between disability and cinema, but also becomes a great start in exploration of these issues by means of the integration of Film Studies, placing the emphasis on the texts and their perception by readers.

The Exile of Britney Spears: A Tale of 21st Century Consumption

The book was published in July 2013 and focuses on the history of success and failures of one of the most popular US pop stars of the 21st century - Britney Spears. Being an extraordinary writer, Christopher Smit intended to find an appropriate comparison of the attitude of people to the star. As Christopher points out, people have to finally acknowledge that everything they consume today matters a lot for their further well-being. However, we sometimes fail to realize that we sometimes unconsciously keep “consuming” celebrities and this also has certain effects upon our lives. The books named “The Exile of Britney Spears” tends to deprive the famous pop star of her title, stating that most fans have already consumed, digested and forgotten her. According to Smit, Britney is no longer a part of the American pop culture. This idea is provocatively reflected in the book, analyzing personal, psychological, social aspects of Britney’s success and failures, underlining that she is out of global taste nowadays. This is the major message of the book.

Michael Jackson: Chasing the Spectacle

The book was published in September 2012 and tells about the world-known Pop King Michael Jackson. The book consists of essays, the major goal of which is to have a look at the Pop King from different points of view to understand his behaviour and character. Michael Jackson has always been one of the most conspicuous and ambiguous personalities in the world of music and there are lots of mysterious rumours associated with him even after his death. Michael Jackson was involved in lots of sexual and racial scandals. He captivated the attention of his fans and the world community not only by his musical talent, but also by his odd behaviour, extraordinary images, clothing and other things that differed him a lot from other people. There are many interviews, photos, videos, films, publications, books and stories written about this person and one of the books belongs to Christopher Smit. In his book, the writer tries to analyze the singer from multiple points of view, namely sociology, art history, philosophical studies, literary theory, critical cultural theory, musicology, media studies, cultural anthropology,  religious and gender studies, performance and disability studies, film views as well as African-American aspects. The book is meant for classroom application as well as for people, who are interested in the personality of Michael Jackson and wish to find out more about him.