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DisArt Festival

DisArt is the arts and disability non-commercial organization committed to changing the perception of disabled people by the community members through the impact of arts. Being a disabled person, Christopher Smit is the executive director of the DisArt Festival, who tries his best effort to focus the attention of people on this notable issue. Through his work and the Festival he has organized, Christopher puts the major emphasis on the aspect that physically and mentally disabilities often do not prevent people from leading normal life and expressing their creativity in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, most people ignore this aspect or just don't wish to think about that, considering disabled people not able to lead active and normal way of life.

Many of them are sure that “every day culture has confused disability with inability, a fact that must be challenged on the level of imagination. Luckily, art changes our minds all the time by realigning our assumptions about life. More importantly, art that involves disability provides opportunities to see physical and mental differences in new ways. This art can help transform differences into similarities.”

The major mission of the DisArt Festival organized by Christopher Smit is to celebrate, honor, investigate and glorify disability, creativity, individuality and human identity. The festival offers various unique exhibitions, performances and other creative means of self-expression to help disabled people prove that they have the same aspirations, emotions and abilities as other people in the world. People visiting the festival can see and enjoy vivid “examples of disability art and culture in order to awaken a spirit of ability equality, social inclusion, physical accessibility, community, and a sense of place for those living with disability”. This is the major mission pursued by Christopher Smit in his endeavour.